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In this day and age, there are various ways in contacting a business ranging from live chat services, email and social media. However, phone calls are still considered as a commonly used method. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) provides service similar to that with landline phones and mobile devices with the help of high speed internet worldwide.

Avert’s telephone systems includes technical assistance with the VoIP communications system, long distance authorization codes, wireless devices and services, and conference bridge subscription services.


  • VOIP or the Voice Over Internet Protocol allows the user to initiate calls by using Internet Connection or Broadband
  • Allows you to use various of voice mail administration features
  • Activates the call forwarding and coverage options

What is a VOIP System?

 A VOIP system, or what is commonly known as the Voice Over Internet Protocol system, is a phone service installed over the internet. What VOIP does is it transmits video and voice communications to provide incorporated communication for both personal and business application. Nowadays, VOIP is used interchangeably IP telephony.

With the help of various technologies present in our modern times, VOIP is now made possible. VOIP is created through different available methods in delivering voice communication with the use of an internet connection. It can occur both in local area networks or what we call LAN and wide area networks or what we call WAN. It only needs the user to have VOIP phones, mobile devices and also on a PC with VOIP software.

How does a VOIP Phone Work?

 VOIP is known as internet telephony and others may call it broadband internet service. It’s a commonly used technology that allows people to make phone calls anytime and anywhere using a computer with an internet connection. VOIP works by converting someone’s voice into digital data packets which is then transmitted to the other end via the internet.

What is an IP Address?

 IP address is an abbreviated form for internet Protocol address. It refers to the specific number that is associated to an individual’s device from a particular internet connection, which is assigned by the internet provider. Devices that are connected to an internet such as a computer follow networking protocols in interchanging the flow of data.