Managed Services

Consultation that can be trusted. If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for Avert. Increase in network performance. Eliminate the up and down cycles of computer performance. Low, affordable costs. Pricing is simple. We charge a flat monthly fee based upon the number of computers, factoring in the overall layout and setup of your network. Not only do we provide you with a better way of providing service, but our monthly service fee is often less than most of our competitors charge for a single visit.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Averts approach to systems management is prevention. It is to your advantage and ours for your systems to operate error free. For most computer service providers this is not the case. They benefit when you are down. Our unique service model of flat rate unlimited maintenance encourages us to work diligently toward a secure, stable and efficient network.

Limited Plan

Our Limited plan is intended for smaller, simple networks and requires infrequent maintenance. Covers the same services but there is limitations on onsite visits per month.

Pay As You Go

Not looking to pay a monthly fee? Just need an occasional visit from an experienced technician? You can call us when you need us to come on site, work on a project or fix an issue. We will just charge by the hourly rate.