IT Services

Whether your organization needs a complete technical solution or an occasional visit by an experienced technician. We are here to help. Our experience staff has solutions for just about all of you business computing demands. Empowered with deep industry and operational expertise, we are dedicated to enabling businesses to focus on their core business areas and realize their unique business goals by exploiting the power of Information Technology.

Managed Services

Consultation that can be trusted. If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for Avert. Increase in network performance. Eliminate the up and down cycles of computer performance. Low, affordable costs. Pricing is simple. We charge a flat monthly fee based upon the number of computers, factoring in the overall layout and setup of your network. Not only do we provide you with a better way of providing service, but our monthly service fee is often less than most of our competitors charge for a single visit.readmore

IT Services & Consulting

Not looking to pay a monthly fee? Just need an occasional visit from an experienced technician? You can call us when you need us to come on site, work on a project or fix an issue. We will just charge by the hourly rate. Our IT services and Consulting offerings are flexible and allow you to select certain components or outsource the whole of your IT infrastructure. By utilizing our IT services and IT support options we help you manage costs, reduce risk, increase flexibility and realize operational efficiencies.readmore

Data Backups

Protecting your critical data has never been easier. Our automated cloud backup and recovery services will boost your productivity and reduce your time spent managing data loss. Most businesses collect, retain, and transmit data on a daily basis that is critical to the success of their organization. The threat of data theft, natural disasters and hardware failures can result in a hard hit to a business bottom line, costing days of downtime, thousands of dollars and irreversible damage to a business reputation.




Email Encryption

dbb3ec7033978d0f863837a4c601ca92We are excited to announce our partnership with ZixCorp, the market leader in email encryption, to provide superior solutions for our customers. ZixCorp services are a cost-effective way to encrypt sensitive information in email to comply with federal and state data security regulations. ZixCorp’s proven solutions are used by the nation’s most influential institutions including U.S. federal banking regulators, SEC, more than 1,800 financial institutions, over 30 Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations and more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals.readmore