Non-Profit Organizations

At Avert we have experience working with non-profit organizations and appreciate what they do for the community. Avert recognize this and is committed to provide the services necessary to enable any Non-Profit to perform their mission. We empathize and understand all avenues involved with budgetary restraints and challenges faced by non-profits in the IT domain. From experience, Avert will leverage our expertise and knowledge gained from our support of other non-profit clients to plan and deploy the best technology within the given criteria.

Avert will strive to provide a flexible and inclusive support solution for your Non-Profit. While most vendors already have a solution in mind, and are searching for a client to sell it to, Averts diverse technical staff allows us to tailor a solution to your environment. Our flexible approach is an intrinsic part of our support paradigm which allows us to provide a custom support service to non-profits everywhere.

Avert aims to be the premier IT solution provider for non-profits by providing responsive, personable service and overall customer satisfaction consistent with our core value of quality, value and integrity.

Services included: an initial assessment, desktop support, server administration, network administration, IT security, strategic planning, emergency support. We have been providing those same services and consulting to other non-profits and businesses. We are here to make a positive commitment to provide those services.

– Donor Perfect
– Results Plus
– Quickbooks
– Client Databases
– Sage Software