Non Profits

non-profitAt Avert we have experience working with non-profit organizations and appreciate what they do for the community. Avert recognize this and is committed to provide the services necessary to enable any Non-Profit to perform their mission. We empathize and understand all avenues involved with budgetary restraints and challenges faced by non-profits in the IT domain. From experience, Avert will leverage our expertise and knowledge gained from our support of other non-profit clients to plan and deploy the best technology within the given criteria.readmore


healthcareIT in the healthcare industry is changing rapidly every day. HIPPA and the Government are getting more involved.  At Avert, we have experience and the expertise to support your practice or help you with the process of finding the right EMR software.readmore


Small-Business-763619.bmpWhile having a team of IT experts in house may seem the best way to ensure you stay ahead in the game, managed IT services allows you to access a team of technology professionals at a fraction of the cost of running your own IT department, plus with the additional flexibility and scalability to tailor your own service to suit your needs. Many of us regularly take are cars in for an oil changes and maintenance every 3,000 miles or depending on your vehicle. The same goes for your computers, severs and networks. It occasionally needs maintenance as well. As much as it runs every day non stop and gets used by employees, it needs to be maintained.readmore